What I Hate about Entering Sweepstakes

The thing I hate about entering sweepstakes is filling in my birthdate.  I'd guess more than half of the contests ask for my birthday.  Half of those ask you for a numerical entry such as 01/01/1950.  That is not so bad.  What is really bad is the ones who have a click down entry.  First, the month, click click click.  Then the day, click down 19.  Then the year.  Well if you are a baby boomer like me you will find that 1950 is wayyyy down there.  I really, really hate it and wonder why they make me go through it.  The one I hate so much I sometimes won't even complete the entry is the one with a calendar that you have to go to the right month, then click on the right day and then move the whole darn thing half a century into the past. 

You'd think that for a free gift I would not be so grumpy.  Sorry, I just can't get over it.  


  1. My date of birth is-- 01-23--45!!! I am so old now that it can get a bit embarrassing when I have to say it out loud checking in at doctor's offices etc. One time when I checked in for an eye exam the clerk made a huge deal of it- lots of laughter! I was super careful on 5/6/78 as I didn't want an amusing tombstone. However that time has safely passed and now I will only be a sprinkle of ashes with no dates attached.

  2. That is crazy I can see why people look confused when you give them your birthdate. My daughter was born on Friday 13th and I always call Friday the 13th my lucky day because I was sooooo ready to get that baby out!



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