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I have been entering sweepstakes and contests for many years.  Like most hobbies, I pick it up and put it away, sometimes for years.  It has been several years since I have been actively entering sweeps and contests but a couple of months ago -  as in what to do during a pandemic - I started sweeping again.

I have won several books, both hardcover and Kindle, from Goodreads.com.  I try to enter books that I really want and leave the others for folks who are particularly interested.  I think anytime something is offered for free we have to be mindful of others.  It is very easy to get caught up in the game and enter just because you want to win something.  Sometimes I really have to stop myself, just on Goodreads but other sites as well.

I'll be sharing my wins as well as links to sweepstakes/contest.  Please feel free to leave a note in comments about any sources or recommendations you have for others.

So for my first post on this blog, I want to share my first big win:

You won 3rd Place in the 2020 Grow Your Own Organics Giveaway

Unfortunately, I did not win the Garden Tower posted above, but it was still a nice win. Thanks, Garden Tower Project.

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  1. I love sweepstakes, especially when you get to win! One day I am hoping to win one of the HGTV homes! My latest win is a soccer jersey from Zulily.



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