Saturday, July 11, 2020

How often do you enter #Sweepstakes

I have been very busy entering #Sweepstakes lately.  Here in Texas we are doing the "Stay Away From COVID" dance.  To top that off this week a heatwave has settled over our State and it is a killer.  My official non-scientific opinion is that we will also have a serious hurricane season this year. 

So betwixt and between all of the above, I have been staying in and doing a lot of #contesting lately.  I'm usually content to enter One Entry contests and a few Dailies that interest me but I've really been working at it lately. 

Do you keep a list of #contests that you want to enter Daily?  I follow through #Sweepsadvantage Plus and they have a great reminder system.  I also made my own labels for Easy Entry as well as Reminder Entries so that I hit Reminder Entries every day if I can and Easy Entry when I'm sitting around bored or just have an extra few minutes. 

I'm one of those people who start dreaming about how they will spend their money if they buy a Loto.  I do the same with those big, special sweepstakes.  I enjoy playing - of course, #winning feels good too!

More later .... 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Another #Win

I was just notified that I won a contest from  I believe it is a year's worth of incense but I can't find the contest form.  I'm really excited to have won this contest and see what I get.  Thanks, ChakrasIncense.  Keep on entering.

#Sweepstakes  #Giveaway 

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